Alpine Slide

DSC_0105Where can you go to feel the wind in your hair, relaxing and exciting mountain views, but excitement and nostalgia all at the same time?

Obviously, the Utah Olympic Park!

There are things for every age and personality. If you’ve got the smaller kids with you, on of the best activities I have tried at the Olympic Park was the Alpine Slide. It’s perfect for you and your little one to ride together, or if you have the teenagers with you they can go on their own. It might even be a fun stop for your adventure seeking grandma or grandpa! To each their own.

You first ride up on the most relaxing chairlift ride. Here is the calm—mountain breeze, scenes of Park City below, Extreme zipliners flying past you above the Nordic jumps, and perhaps if you’re lucky enough you’ll see some wildlife! gravity zonecomet shoot 259

Upon arriving to the top and waiting in line to go, you start to feel the buzz of excitement. The Olympic Park employees will give you some instructions on what to do and before you know it, you are sitting in the drivers seat flying down the silver track.

The ride is—smooth, comfortable, and with straightaways, drops, and 18 banked turns, who wouldn’t have fun?!


Fast or slow the Alpine Slide is a thrill! Give it a go, trust me you won’t regret it!gravity zonecomet shoot 324


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