Red Bull 400

A 400 meter race RB15-095-RB400-Poster-utah-ParkCity(1)does not sound intimidating to most runners. Add the immensity of a Nordic ski jump at 6,870 feet of altitude and the challenge factor increases exponentially—thus the conception of the Red Bull 400. The Red Bull 400 comes to the United States for the first time since the inception of the race in 2011 in Tauplitz, Austria and debuts at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, UT as the last stop on the tour.

Alan Alborn, head coach and program manager for the Park City Nordic Ski Club (PCNSC) and head coach and athletic program manager for the Women’s Ski Jumping team learned of the Red Bull 400 events in Europe and knew immediately, that he wanted to bring the event to the Utah Olympic Park. Alborn, a three-time Olympian, competed on the Nordic ski jump “normal hill” and “large hill” during the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Let’s just say he has a personal passion for these Nordic Ski Jumps.

“Given the unique situation of working with a club and national team, I see every day the need for exposure in order for the sport to grow and reach a higher level. The Red Bull 400 was something I thought was a perfect fit to show what our club program and terrific venue can offer,” said Alborn.

Alborn suggested the idea over a year ago to Red Bull and the Utah Olympic Park, and after a great deal of planning, the event will finally come to fruition on September 26, 2015.

Proceeds from the U.S. debut of the Red Bull 400 at the Utah Olympic Park will benefit the Utah Olympic Park’s in-house program, PCNSC.

PCNSC, winner of the 2015 USSA Club of the Year, has produced one of the strongest women’s ski jumping teams in the world as well as fielded the first ever Women’s Ski Jumping Olympic team made up of Sarah Hendrickson, Lindsey Van, and Jessica Jerome.

“The international success of an athlete like Sarah Hendrickson speaks volumes about the opportunities that the Utah Olympic Park facility and PCNSC provide for local athletes,” said Alborn. “I’m thrilled we are going to host the Red Bull 400 in support of PCSNC and this amazing facility.”

What can a participating athlete expect from the 400 meter course at the Utah Olympic Park?

Participants will compete in heats of up to 50 runners. The top 50 times per division will go on to compete in the finals. Participants will climb the hill and ski jump in-run with no assistance of stairs nor can they touch, grab, or hold onto the sidewalls of the jump.

“The K120 Nordic ski jump, the race course at the Utah Olympic Park, has a 36 degree incline at its steepest point and a total altitude gain of 528 feet. It’s quite a challenge even for elite athletes that run the stairs for training. Take the stairs out of the equation and it really becomes a full body challenge,” said Jamie Kimball, Park Operations Manager.

The Grand Prize for 1st place men’s and women’s participants is an all-inclusive to trip to a secret location in Europe alongside the winners of other the six global locations.

Registration is available online at


Public Climbing Wall: Can You Take the Plunge?


The Utah Olympic Park just finished hosting it’s 2nd Psicobloc Master Series.  Some of the best climbers from around the world showed up last week to compete in this deep-water soloing competition.  After seeing the fearless athletes climb the 50 foot wall, as a spectator, you can’t help but wonder what it would feel like to drop in from the Psicobloc wall.  Lucky for those who want to experience the thrill, the Utah Olympic Park has opened the climbing wall for the public to use!

Bring your swimsuit, or clothes that can get wet, because you will most certainly be making a plunge into the Aerials Pool.  You will also want to make sure to bring your own climbing shoes.  Once you have your shoes on and are ready to go, it’s time to get on the wall.  First thing you will want to do is traverse to the start of your climb.  As soon as you are set on your route, there is nowhere to go but up!  It is such a thrilling (and honestly a quite frightening) experience being on the wall without being harnessed into anything.  My advice, DON”T LOOK DOWN!  Just keep looking up for your next move.  Once you reach the top of the climb, it is time to drop.  You will be surprised by how long your body will grip onto the wall if you are scared to make the jump.  Really though, it will give you butterflies! It feels much higher when you are hanging from the top waiting to drop in.  As soon as you get the courage to make the plunge, you will feel a rush of energy as you drop down into the pool.  It is such a crazy feeling free falling off of a climbing wall!  It’s not something you will experience at your every day climbing gym.  And let me tell you something, after doing it once, you will be addicted.  Dry off those shoes and hop back on the wall.  The Olympic Park sells day passes, so you can stay as long as you like from 11am-6pm.  

Go try it out!  Climbing the Psicobloc wall is such a unique and exciting thrill.  The wall will be up until August 24th and is open daily.  

Psicobloc Comp

BeauKahlerThe Psicocomp Master Series is back at the Utah Olympic Park this week to put on a show for adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers, or anyone who just wants to see something awesome. Psicocomp is a deep water soloing competition.  This climbing competition brings together elite climbers from across the country to compete head to head to see who can climb the furthest without dropping into the pool.  Athletes such as Chris Sharma, Sasha DiGiulian, Jimmy Webb, Delaney Miller, and many more will be attending. Watching athletes train on the 50 foot wall this afternoon, it was clear that these climbers are fearless and as talented as they come.


Qualifiers start this afternoon at Momentum Climbing Gym in Millcreek.  Climbers who make it past qualifying round will compete at the Utah Olympic Park tomorrow night at 7pm in the seeding round.  Most exciting of all are the finals, which will start at 7pm at the Utah Olympic Park.  This is one of the most unique and exciting climbing competitions you can attend.  It’s not one that you want to miss out on!  Make sure to get your tickets now because they are going fast.

After the competition is over, the fun continues up at the Utah Olympic Park.  The 50 foot climbing wall will remain up until August 24th.  Anyone is welcome to climb the wall from 11am to 6pm.  Adults climb for $20 and youth climb for $15.

Western Day


One of our favorite things about summers here at the Utah Olympic Park are the events that we get to put on for the public to enjoy. Coming up this Saturday, July 19th, we will be having Western Day at the Utah Olympic Park. It is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with your family out in the fresh Park City air. From country music to games, it is sure to be a fun-filled day for all. Festivities will be held at the Olympic Plaza. They begin at noon and last until 4:00 PM. Make sure to hurry on up because the first 100 lucky guests to arrive at noon will receive a free cowboy hat!

No need to worry if you aren’t one of the first 100 guests to arrive, because all of the activities on the plaza will be free as well. Activities include bounce houses, games, country music, and a mechanical bull will be available from noon to 2 pm. That’s right, a mechanical bull. It doesn’t get more country than that! You can even do a little line dancing if you feel inspired to do so. To top off your western day we will have some homemade BBQ and cold drinks available on the plaza. 

Go dust off your cowboy boots and get ready for a fun afternoon with the family!