Flying Ace All-Stars Soar at Utah Olympic Park

When you come to the Utah Olympic Park, you often see athletes training in the Spence Eccles Freestyle pool, but are often left felt lacking, as these athletes rarely go off “Mongo” (the triple jump equivalent to an Olympic freestyle jump!) Do not fret however, because the Flying Ace-A_EMS2159-webll Stars perform two shows per week that showcase all of the jumps at Utah Olympic Park.

Started in 1998 by Olympians Fuzz Feddersen and Trace Worthington, Flying Ace Productions brings together World-Cup and Olympic-level freestyle skiers to perform choreographed water ramp shows. Athletes who participate in the freestyle shows love jumping in front of fans who come to the shows because it gives them even more practice on the jumps, plus they are able to finance their training and competition by jumping in the shows.

As fans watch the freestyle shows that occur every Saturday and Sunday until September 4th, the All-Stars demonstrate the training progression that they all went through before becoming world-class athletes. Starting on the mini jump learning how to go off t_EMS9474.jpghe ramps into the bubbled pool, they eventually progress to flips off of bigger jumps until they are ready to jump off the triple with multiple flips and twists.

In addition to watching the progression of athletes, spectators also watch the athletes perform acrobatic stunts where multiple athletes jump at the same time over each other, often missing each other by just a few feet. All of these shows are narrated by Fuzz himself, which in addition to choreographed music, makes the shows fun for the whole family.