Psicobloc Climbing Wall

No doubt this summer has been a scorcher thus far. I’m a big believer in getting my workout in, in the outdoors to enjoy all the awesome scenery Utah has to offer. Some afternoons are just too hot to ride my bike, hike, or run outside! And for some of us, getting up early to beat the he2015-07-15 15.37.21-2at isn’t quite that easy.

The Utah Olympic Park gives you the chance to outdoor climb on their Psicobloc climbing wall. You know what’s even better? You climb over a pool. That’s right, a pool!

There are easy, medium, and hard routes you can climb. Once getting to the top, or however high you want to go, you jump off and land into the cool, refreshing pool. I won’t lie; my first time climbing to the top of the wall and looking down to jump gave me the butterflies. No, no, it wasn’t the butterflies. I    had the whole zoo in my stomach before I made the jump down into the pool!

What a rush! Perfect for a hot, summer day. The climbing wall at the Park is an awesome way to get your workout in and have fun outdoors.

While climbing, Freestyle lessons and practices are ongoing next to you in another section of the pool. Once getting to the top of the climbing wall, if you can hold on a little longer, you can watch the skiers and boarders fly off the jumps for a cool perspective from the wall!2015-07-15 15.38.25

You can spend most of a day, 10 am to 6 pm, and climb for only $20. A pool and rock climbing at the same time? Double the fun for the price of one!

Olympic Park employee, Chris, was telling us all about the climbing competition they host at the Park on Wednesday, August 5 to Friday, August 7. It’s called the Psicobloc Master Series. I will definitely be going to that event to watch awesome climbers compete over the pool! Learn more about the CLIMBING WALL and PSICOBLOC EVENT.




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