Don’t Look Down!

After working as a Mountain Adventures Guide for a whole summer and having gone on all of the Park’s activities too many times to count, the Drop Tower continues to rattle IMG_2687my nerves. There is something that always freaks me out about looming 65 feet above ground. Nevertheless, the Drop Tower endures as my favorite activity at the Park.

In early July in Park City the last remnants of snow are melting away and hibernating until we welcome Fall once again. Even with all of the snow gone there is still a plethora of ways to have fun. You can’t go wrong heading to the Utah Olympic Park for a day and checking out what the Park has to offer. Most of the traffic in the Park occurs on the zip lines and Alpine Slide leaving the Trackside Plaza as a hidden gem with adrenaline pumping activities such as the Drop Tower.

You can head to the Drop Tower by walking towards the bobsled track down IMG_2674from the Alf Engen Ski Museum. There will be a trail hanging to the left of the parking lot and will eventually lead you under the bobsled track and the Drop Tower will be right there. Once there go to the tent and have a Mountain Adventures Guide help you harness up. When the guides give you the go ahead, walk up the Bridges Trail up to the ‘Birds Nest’.

The ‘Birds Nest’ is where the course begins. From here I could feel the excitement pumping. Once hooked to the cable and the guides gave me the OKAY, all I had to do IMG_2675 was lift up my feet and zip line began. No one will blame you if you let out a yell or shriek a bit. The zip line is one of the most scenic views of the park. While in mid air you have time to turn your head and take in the views from the treetops under your feet to the bobsled track surrounding you. Suddenly I got stopped and a friendly face was there to pull me onto the tower. However, within a minute I got the realization that I had to step off of this 65 foot tower once again.

On the Drop Tower there is only one way to get down, taking a step. Even though I wanted to act like a baby and wimp out, I knew I had to go down. After I listened to the guide IMG_2685 give instructions on how to safely and properly repel off the tower, I headed over to the platform. I was all ready to step off, but I made a mental mistake and looked down. When looking down at all of the tiny people I got sick to my stomach. I quickly took a step back and rethought through my situation. In my mind, I asked myself, “Can I just stay up here for a couple days?”. I gutted it out and once again stepped towards the platform. The guides were ready and I felt as though I was too. I clenched the rope as tight as I possibly could and took a big step. My stomach turned upside down and I had a surge of adrenaline go through me. Before I even knew it I landed on the ground. I was alive, and it felt great! Its hard to beat that sense of accomplishment and pride that I was ableIMG_2681 to step off. Even though that may have been my 100th time stepping off of that platform it felt as great as the first time I ever did it. My advice to anyone that is thinking about doing the Drop Tower is do it!

But take my advice, DONT LOOK DOWN!


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