A dream to do Extreme!

I’ve been on zip lines before, but nothing compared to my experience of riding the Extreme Zipline at the Utah Olympic Park! It started out as a gorgeous sunny day—my stomach had the butterflies as I stared up from the bottom of the nordic ski jumps, watching as others flew 50 mph through the air on one of the steepest zip lines in the world.

To get to the top and gear up for the ride, we first rode the scenic Nordic Ski Lift located at the bottom of the jumps. The ride was casual and very relaxing.


While waiting in line, I was able to soak in the amazing views of the Park, mountains and valley below. The attendant helping everyone into their harnessed seat was Scott Kauf, the Mountain Adventure Manager for the Park. He was cracking jokes and making everyone laugh and feel comfortable. Even standing in line, we were all having a great time!


I was up next to ride.

As you step up onto the box, they pull the seat back to make it easy for you to sit down and get yourself situated and comfortable. A safety strap then goes around your waist and an additional one over your head, making you feel 100 percent secure.

At that point I had my knees resting against the gate—I heard them say five more seconds and then the gate opened and I was flying down the Olympic size hill!

Once to the bottom, I hopped out of the chair and was running to get back on the lift to ride the Extreme Zipline a thousand times more!IMG_2920

Come ride and catch a glimpse of how it feels for the Olympians to jump and fly near the same speeds. The park is open daily from 10 am-6 pm. Tickets for a one-time ride are $20 or you can get unlimited rides all day with a Gold Pass, $65 for adults, $40 for youth.


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