The Annual TitanTough21 Charity Hockey Game makes its first debut at the Utah Olympic Oval!

On December 22nd, the Utah Olympic Oval hosted the first annual TitanTough21 charity hockey featuring the Salt Lake Community College Hockey Club and the reigning high school state champs, the Viewmont Vikings.

SLCC Hockey

Viewmont Hockey

Both teams came out to support Reagan Everett and her cancer fight. Reagan has a rare genetic disorder called Li-fraumeni Syndrome (LFS), which affects the P53 gene in her genome. When the p53 gene is damaged it is unable to do its job, which is to help the body find and stop cell mutations. If mutated cells are left unchecked they never stop growing. This is cancer. The presence of a mutant P53 gene the body has no way to tell the cancer cells to commit cell suicide (Apoptosis) or to repair itself and cure the cancer. Lacking that healthy tumor-suppressor gene dramatically increases the risk of cancer to a staggering 80-90 percent. Reagan currently is battling brain cancer.

In Reagan’s own words she founded this organization because she “wants to find a cure for LFS and do my part to save cancer patients that have this terrible syndrome. I believe TitanTough21 is a great way to do that.”

Both teams expressed great excitement in being able to contribute to Reagan’s cause. SLCC Team Captain, Steven Hicks said: “We love Reagan and we will do anything we can to help her through her fight. Reagan never misses a game, and I know I can look up in the stand at anytime and I will see Reagan cheering us on.”

With the help of the Oval’s Hockey Coordinator, Jae Worthen, the game went off without a hitch and raised over $2000 dollars. Not only was it a monetary success but it was a great time for players and fans alike!

You can learn more about Reagan’s fight, LFS, and donate to TitanTough21 at!

Reagan Everett

fans enjoying the game



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