Continuing the “Legacy of the Volunteer!”

2002 Winter Olympics

It’s no secret that the 2002 Winter Olympics that were held right in our very own Salt Lake City were a huge success. Many factors contributed to this success including the enormous amount of fun and willing VOLUNTEERS that worked at the multiple ceremonies and events. That being said – let’s talk about the ongoing “Legacy of the Volunteer!

It began with a spark. From February 8th through the 24th, 2002, The Salt Lake Olympic Games ignited the passion of 2,300 athletes representing 77 delegations with an audience of more than 2 billion people watching from around the world – and behind all of this was 22,000 volunteers working day and night to make sure that their city and nation’s time in the lime-light was all that it should be.

This massive force became the face of the Games, recognized at first by their brightly colored coats and then for their never-ending smiles and warmth. During and after the Games, athletes and officials from around the world gave credit for the great success of Salt Lake 2002 to these extraordinary volunteers.

While the 2002 Games around are nearly 14 years behind us our venues are still home to some astounding world events. One such event is the upcoming Short Track Speed Skating World Cup that will be held November 7th through the 9th at the Utah Olympic Oval. We of course need help from volunteers like the ones described above! Now that you’re hooked here is some more info…

Volunteers are needed to work in the following capacities:
Doping Chaperones:                Escorting the athletes to their drug tests
Access Control:
                           Providing security and control within the venue
Usher:                                             Assist the public with seating and questions
Check in:                                        Helping in the volunteer/staff area
Miscellaneous:                            TBD
*Arrivals/Departures:             Assisting with athletes at the airport

For more information and shift times please visit out volunteer page.


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