Cross-training with Ted Ligety and our very own Derek Parra!

Last week we posted photos of Ted Ligety, the gold medalist alpine skier, cross-training with Derek Parra here at the Utah Olympic Oval and today we’ve decided to create a blog post with a little more information on what the two were really up to!

It all started when Ted contacted Derek about his interest in trying out some speed skating exercises in attempt to do some off-season cross-training. Derek obliged but under one condition – Ted had to give Derek an hour of off-ice time before the speed skates hit the ice!

This off-ice hour consisted of “dry-land imitations” which are helpful in imitating and getting accustomed to the speed skating motion. While Ted does play hockey the range of motion that is required for speed skating is significantly different and takes time getting used to. Below are images of Ted and Derek using the slide boards. The slide boards are used with nylon stockings on the feet to imitate push sequences and get used to the feeling of a full speed skating stroke.

Ted and Derek getting acquainted with the slide board.

Ted and Derek getting acquainted with the slide board.

Ted and friends on the slide boards.

Ted and friends on the slide boards.

Derek adding some resistance!

There were also resistance bands involved!

After the off-ice time it was time to strap on the speed skates and hit the ice! The dry-land imitations were no longer just imitations but real, strategic movements on-ice. It didn’t take long for Ted to warm up to the movements and then he was off on his own!

Ted on-ice

Ted on-ice

As a final side note, we all know that Ted is without a doubt a world-class athlete but according to Derek Ted’s hips were “lit up” after the work out!



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