Here are the details on the new solar array at the Utah Olympic Oval!

Last week the Utah Olympic Oval announced plans to move towards a more sustainable Olympic venue. In collaboration with several high-profile public and private business partners the Olympic Oval broke ground on a new, large-scale solar array right here in the parking lot.

These are some details regarding the electric bill that the Oval currently runs up:

The Utah Olympic Oval is open year-round, 363 days a year, with 100 tons of refrigeration capacity and 5.44 acres of conditioned clear span space. That being said, the building consumes approximately six million kilowatt house (kWh) annually and on average the electrical utility costs exceed $750,000.

Here are some project facts:

  • The Rocky Mountain Power grant of $564,000, paid over five years, is the largest contribution through their Utah Solar Incentive Program.
  • The 791 kW Solar Array, consisting of 3,108 solar modules, will be mounted on parking canopy shade structures in the parking lot south and adjacent to the Utah Olympic Oval.
  • The solar energy system will generate over one million kWh annuals. This will reduce the building’s need for market-rate power by approximately 20% resulting in an average energy cost savings of approximately $100,000 annually.
  • While many solar projects have long term (15 to 20 years) return on investment projections, the Olympic Oval solar project is forecasted to pay for itself in less than five years through the support of community grants and tax credits.
  • Capturing clean energy through a large solar array allows the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation to achieve the goal of reducing known long-term energy consumption costs in a meaningful and fiscally sound way.

The Utah Olympic Oval has already earned its place in Olympic history and with continued collaboration efforts, the Oval is prepared to continue its attempt to reduce costs so more money can be used to train the next generation of Olympic athletes.

Expected Completion is October of 2014.

The solar array is officially under construction!

The solar array is officially under construction!

A digital rendering of the finished  product.

A digital rendering of the finished product.


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