The other day I had the opportunity to experience one of The Utah Olympic Park’s newer attractions, The Drop Tower.  My little 10 year old sister, Gracie, and my 8 year old cousin, Connor, came along for the ride.  Let me just start by saying, these kids are fearless.  They like to rock climb, ski, and do anything that gets their adrenaline going.  The Drop Tower definitely gave them butterflies in their stomach as they stood 65 feet up in the air, waiting to jump.

The experience starts as you wait for a staff member to get your harness and helmet ready at the base of the Drop Tower.  While waiting, you get to watch as others take that giant leap of faith off the tower, most of them letting out a little scream as they free fall for the first 20 feet.  Once you are all ready to go, it is a short walk to the top where you will zipline to the Drop Tower.  Gracie and Connor had no fear as they soared high above the trees on the zipline towards the Drop Tower.  Once we got to the tower, the staff let us pick between two different lines to drop from.  The orange line lets you free fall for the first 20 feet, while the blue line lowers you down a little slower the whole way.  Feeling confident, Gracie and I chose the orange line and Connor chose the blue.  Gracie was first up to drop.  As she slowly got closer to the edge, you could see her nerves kicking in.  After the staff member told her she was clear to go, she jumped, and everyone around cheered.  Connor and I followed.  The 20 foot free fall at the beginning definitely gives you a rush.  It was quite the thrilling experience.  Though it can be a challenge to willingly step off a 65 foot tower, it is worth it!  If you have a chance to try it out this summer, do it!  It was such a fun experience.


Gracie and Connor waiting to zipline to the Drop Tower


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