The Comet Bobsled Ride: Are you up for the thrill?

While watching the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, many of us sat at home admiring the talented Olympic athletes wondering what it might be like to be in their shoes.  What it might be like to be the most graceful figure skater, to be the furthest ski jumper, or to be the fastest bobsledder. If you were one of those people wondering, then the Utah Olympic Park has an Olympic bobsled ride that will give you that thrill.  The Utah Olympic Park has one of the two luge tracks that are in the United States and opens it to the public to experience both in the summer and winter.

The Summer Comet Bobsled ride at the Utah Olympic Park is an experience for all the thrill seekers out there.  As the shuttle takes you up to the top of the track you see riders screaming down in the Comet Bobsled so fast that you start to get butterflies in your stomach knowing that in just moments that will be you.  At the top, you are given a helmet and a few tips on how to make the ride a little smoother for yourself (listen carefully).  As you wait for your turn to ride down the track, you will see other riders pushing bobsleds at the starting line.  Volunteer to help!  Because let’s be honest, if you want to get the full experience, you need to push a bobsled.  One of the best parts about waiting at the top is seeing the faces of riders that have just returned from the bottom of the track.  Grinning from ear to ear, they will tell you about the amazing thrill of racing down the track (and sometimes you will see them try to sneak in another ride).  Once it is your turn, you pick your spot in the sled. In second seat, directly behind your professional driver, you will have the smoothest ride, while in fourth seat, the back of the sled, you will feel the most force.  Reaching speeds of 70 MPH, this is a ride for the adrenaline junkies out there.  As you fight to keep your body in the correct upright position through the bank turns, you can’t help but be amazed by the athletes that practice running through the track multiple times a day. The G-Force is so strong, just going down the track once is exhausting.  When you get out of your sled, you hear the fastest speed you reached on the track and your race time.  Get some heavy people in your sled and you might have a shot of being the fastest time of the day!  As you return with your sled to the top of the track you can’t help but be envious of the people that are waiting for their turn to go down the track.  

photo 1

If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience to try out this summer, come to the Utah Olympic Park and try the Comet Bobsled ride.  You will be overcome by Olympic spirit again, and maybe even find your inner drive to become an Olympic bobsledder.

photo 3


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