UOP on a Budget

What is the least expensive way to learn the Legacy of the Utah Olympic Park? Many people are unaware of what the Park has to offer without a cost. To begin with, the parking and admission to the Park are free! Once you’re up here there are plenty of things you can do without spending a dime.

Both museums are open daily from 10am-6pm and are located in the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center. The Alf Engen Ski Museum and Eccles Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museums are fun, educational and interactive. From the beginning of Utah skiing history to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, the learning opportunities are abundant. If you want to learn about avalanches and snow conditions or the history of the ski boot, it’s all there. But don’t worry, the interactive games and activities keep the exhibitions fun and upbeat for any age group. Don’t forget to take a picture with our life-size bobsled and skiier statue on your way out!

Tour Yourself
Take yourself on a walk through the Park, see all of the training facilities, and feel the magnitude of Olympic Sport. Treat yourself to seeing the Freestyle Pool where athletes of all ages train to become the next best aerial skiier. If you’re lucky, there will be athletes practicing while you’re there! Travel down the hill to the base of the Nordic Ski Jumps where the monstrous K64, K90, and K120 meter jumps show the magnitude of what it means to be a Nordic Ski Jumper. This is also where the base of many of our summer activities such as our Zip-Lines and Alpine Slide are located. Just on the other side of the park is the site of the Luge, Bobsled and Skeleton events during the 2002 Winter Games. Head over there for the chance to watch a bobsled zoom past.

Freestyle Lift and Hiking Trail
Once you’ve gotten to the bottom of the hill where you see the Nordic jumps, grab a complementary ticket and jump on the Freestyle Ski Lift and take a scenic ride to our hiking trail. This short trail recommends close-toed shoes,  but is friendly to all ages and abilities. It winds through the beautiful Utah nature and will bring you back to the Visitors Center.


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